Tumblr Codes

Title: Transmitting Live From Mars

Artist: De La Soul

Played: 873 times

Title: Back Against The Wall

Artist: Circle Jerks

Played: 973 times

Title: How We Do ('93 Til)

Artist: Freddie Gibbs

Played: 1619 times

Title: I Found Me (feat. Trae)

Artist: Z-Ro

Played: 3985 times

Title: Happiness is a Warm Gun

Artist: The Beatles

Played: 45619 times

Title: Eye Know

Artist: De La Soul

Played: 6191 times

Title: Tried By 12

Artist: The East Flatbush Project

Played: 2837 times

Title: Idiot Wind

Artist: Bob Dylan

Played: 1583 times

Title: 21 Questions (feat. Nate Dogg)

Artist: 50 Cent

Played: 9029 times

Title: Devil In A New Dress

Artist: Kanye West

Played: 133409 times

Title: Peaches En Regalia

Artist: Frank Zappa

Played: 531 times

Title: Can't Help Falling in Love

Artist: Elvis Presley

Played: 18211 times

Title: Happy Together

Artist: The Turtles

Played: 25571 times


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Title: Long Distance Runaround

Artist: Yes

Played: 595 times